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Dziennikarz w Chile - Blog o Chile

Hi! I’m Monika.

I’m a journalist and a trilingual travel guide based in Santiago de Chile since 2010.
I organize tailor-made trips around Chile and South America, arrange individual and group programs, and work with selected travel agencies.
TRESVODKA is how I was hilariously nicknamed by Chileans as my real surname is Trętowska, because I’m from Poland.
I speak Polish, English and Spanish.


Excellent knowledge and experience in Chile and Latin America. Definitely I recommend visiting this part of the world with Monika.


Monika is a girl full of passion, ambition and knowledge about South America. If travelling to Chile do it only with Monika. She will guide you, show you places and feed you well 🙂


Interesting tour and excellent guide!


Monika got me interested not only in Chile but whole South America!

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