Who am I?

My name is Monika. I’m a Polish journalist with longstanding experience in media, communication and tourism. I love travelling, radio, music and the ocean. In 2010, I moved to Santiago de Chile, my headquarters to further explore the Latin-American continent. While there, I coursed diploma program in Social History of Popular Latin American Music where I enhanced my knowledge about the culture, their traditions and their lifestyle through arts and history. 

From each new country I visit, I bring a local newspaper (for my collection) and few recipes (to prepare them myself at home).

What do I do?

For many years I worked as a foreign correspondent to the National Polish Radio in South America. I’ve been also contributing with culture and travel-based content in mass-media whilst working on my own travel blog project. 

On the other hand, I have also developed myself as the owner of a multilingual tour operator business and as travel guide in South America. I hold experience with different types of customers and trips, from budget to luxurious, from city tours to Amazon expeditions. I organize as well tailor-made trips around Chile and South America, arrange individual and group programs, and work with selected travel agencies.

I speak Polish, English and Spanish.

Why the name TRESVODKA?

TRESVODKA is how I was hilariously nicknamed by Chileans as my real surname is Trętowska because I’m from Poland. (I personally prefer wine though, so it has nothing to do with vodka really 🙂 )  The nickname sticked to me so much that even staff in the Polish Embassy in Chile call me as such!

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